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Classic And Muscle Cars was founded to promote two SPECIFIC THINGS – that being; 1) a place where sellers and buyers of Classic and Muscle cars can get together securely and 2) where only serious buyers will come to purchase the car of their dreams.

The Sellers we represent at present have no desire to put their cars online through the various available search engines. They wish to be represented by our company so that they do not have to entertain the thought of tire kickers coming onto their property with possible other ideas in mind and the wasting of their valuable time. I am sure everyone that owns Classic or Muscle or both — totally understands. We at classicandmusclecars.ca will qualify all buyers with the use of a TRUST FUND — already put in place— so that the seller knows before the car/s are viewed that the monies are in place. We feel that by doing the transaction this way, we find out right up front if the buyer is Serious or Not.

Classic Muscle Cars at present represent over 2500 cars with more coming on board every day. The cars we represent are Restored Vehicles; Survivors; Restoration Projects; Parts Cars and parts for your projects. We have actual pictures of the cars we represent (not altered photos).

The cars we represent are NOT available to the public except through our WEBSITE. All the details of how our TRUST FUND works will be disclosed on our Disclosure Page.

We hope to work with you in the very near future. I know how much people admire looking at the Classics and Muscle but that should be restricted to Car Shows and Events.

This is a serious Buying and Selling Venue — Put yourself in the sellers’ position and I would hope you would draw the right conclusion…We at classicandmusclecars.ca have instituted these policies for all the RIGHT REASONS.

Classic & Muscle Cars Owner
Dusty Van Gilder

Our site is exclusive. The cars listed here are not listed anywhere else! You won't find any of these vehicles on Autotrader, craigslist, buyandsell etc. We are the only company offering the Trust Fund program.

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Please note that most cars listed are in Canadian currency however some are listed in USD (on the specific car’s page). If you are unsure of the listing price, please call (778) 559-1200.

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